We’re proud to provide fast cash loans in NZ and help people out when they need it. These types of loans are a quick and easy way to get through a tight spot, and we certainly do our best to support people who need money in a hurry, for whatever reason. That’s why we consider applications from people with a bad credit history – just because it was like that then it doesn’t mean it’s like that now. We take every application on its merits, unlike many other lending institutions who remain frustratingly inflexible.

If you’re needing our services, you’re not alone. And if you’ve come to us because you’re too embarrassed to ask family and friends for a loan – then you’re not alone there either! We’ve just read the results of a survey carried out in England, but we know from professional experience that the same statistics would apply here.

The survey showed that 62% of people are too embarrassed to ask for money from friends and family, even when they desperately needed it. Women were more likely to be embarrassed than men; 70% of women told the survey that they would be too embarrassed to ask for money compared to 54% of men. Meanwhile, 19% of both men and women said they couldn’t be seen to be enjoying themselves by the lender until they had paid back the money.

It’s not just the embarrassment factor that makes people reluctant to borrow off family and friends. It seems that people don’t like to ask for a loan from their close inner circle because there are often arguments on how and when the loan will be repaid. Unlike a fast cash loan that you might take out with us, there are usually no terms and schedules to repaying the loan when it’s done with family and friends. Those disputes can become long-term rifts and it reminds us why borrowing from those close to us is fraught with danger.

We like to think we’re the non-embarrassing quick cash loan alternative. It’s our business to lend money so you shouldn’t be shy about approaching us and asking for help. As a bonus, we’ll make sure you know where you stand with the terms of the loan, and the repayments you have to make. We do everything properly so you can always be sure of things like interest rates and repayment schedules. So if you need cash in a hurry, don’t be embarrassed about coming to us. It’s what we do, and we’re here to help.