A common question from many of our potential customers needing fast cash in NZ is: I have a bad credit history. Can I still apply for a loan?

Our answer is Yes. To be honest, we won’t overlook your credit history and automatically approve your application. But it doesn’t mean we’ll rule you out straight away either. We’ll look at everything about your application, and not just what has happened in the past to give you a poor credit record. Our main concern is that you can pay back your loan because we don’t want you to do more damage to your credit rating. We’re here to help you, not make your situation worse!

When we do approve bad credit personal loans, they’re offered to people who can demonstrate the capacity to meet their loan repayments and future creditworthiness. So don’t think that what’s happened in the past will necessarily disqualify you. What you can do in the future will also come into our thinking. We’ll consider your overall situation rather than concentrating only on your previous bad credit history.

As we said earlier, we’re here to help you out and not make things worse for you. That includes what happens after a loan has been approved. If you believe that you will be unable to meet your agreed repayments, we ask that you please contact us immediately either via phone or email and discuss your circumstances with one of our helpful customer service team. By contacting us without delay we will do out best to work out another payment agreement that works for you, as well as us.

Also, if you think that that you’re not going to have enough money in your bank account on your repayment date, you must contact us immediately either via phone or email to put a halt on the direct debit. Contact must be made at least two business days before the due date, otherwise, we will be unable to stop the direct debit as it will have already been processed by your bank.

Basically, we’ll always be upfront with you and we hope you’ll be just as honest with us. That way, we can go about getting you out of that tight spot in the best way we can. Contact us to find out more and remember; a bad credit history shouldn’t stop you from applying.