In recent days, we’ve received a lot of enquiries from people asking for a payday advance in NZ. There’s nothing unusual about that. We receive that sort of enquiry all the time, and we make the application process as fast and as easy as we possibly can.  Once we approve an application, we’re just as fast in depositing the funds. We know the vast majority of our loans are required to handle urgent matters, so we operate without delay. Our loan terms range from four weeks to five years, and the loan term depends on factors like your repayment ability and cash flow needs. The longer the term, the lower your repayments will be over time, but the more interest you’ll pay. The shorter it is, the higher your repayments will be. This means you’ll pay less interest because there will be less time for interest to be charged.

One of the reasons for the rush of new loan applications is probably related to the latest lockdown in Auckland. Many people were unable to get to their usual place of work, or had their hours reduced, or were unable to do the same amount of business as they were before – whatever the reason, we’re dealing with people who never thought they’d need our services. But thanks to lockdown, and the financial uncertainty it has brought, it turns out they do. If you’re in that category, we hope it is of some consolation to you that you’re not alone in needing some help. Like most of our clients, it’s likely to be a one-off thing. Once you get yourself back on track, you’ll probably never need us again. However, if there is another lockdown or similar event that stops you from earning to your full potential, you know where we are.

We understand that there is Government assistance available through special COVID-related payments and subsidies, while WINZ is also an option. But at the same time, these organisations might ask you to fill out all sorts of paperwork and make you wait for lengthy periods of time before you can attain that much-needed money – but by then, it might be all too late. That’s why, if you’re struggling to meet your financial obligations due to your earnings being affected by lockdown, we see speed as being of the essence. The sooner you get things sorted, the sooner you can move on with your life. So contact us if you need some post lockdown cash and we’ll help you in every way we can.