This is an expensive time of year for most, and a busy time of year for us. A lot of people have been in touch with us requesting small loans in Auckland and we do what we can to lend them the cash they need in a hurry.

Chances are, you need our help as well. After all, you are in the same boat as many of our clients. You’ve come through a couple of months where all you’ve done is spend, spend, spend, and that spending is still going. Here are a few examples of where your money might have gone:

  • Buying Christmas presents for the family, and paying for food for the Festive Season
  • Paying for meals and drinks during the end of year “party season”
  • Buying in extra food for family and friends who stay during the holidays
  • Holiday and travel expenses
  • Paying for kids activities during the holidays
  • Back to school expenses including uniforms, stationery and school camp fees. Many school camps are held early in the school year)
  • Paying the credit bill you racked up over the Christmas/New Year period

Money can only go so far at the best of times, but it is stretched to the max in the last few months of the old year, and the first few months of the new one. It’s a fact of life for many Kiwis, and that cash shortfall means that most of them are left requiring a loan to get through this expensive time of year. That’s where we come in.

We can provide small loans in a hurry. A poor credit history shouldn’t stop you from applying as we’ll consider every application on its merits. This is a far cry from the approach taken by many of the other lending institutions out there! As long as we feel confident that you can pay back your loan, then there’s every chance that we’ll be able to approve your application.

Don’t feel embarrassed about asking us for some help. There are many others in the same situation as you. They’re hard-working people who usually have no trouble paying their bills but at this time of year, those bills sure add up. That’s why they seek out assistance in getting them out of a jam in the short term.

Check out how our loans work and make an application for the amount you need. Once approved, we’ll get the money into your account in a hurry and let you move on from this expensive time of year.