When you need cash in a hurry – a real hurry – we’re the people to get in touch with. We’re leaders at lending instant cash in NZ. We make the process fast and simple, and if we approve your application, we can get the cash into your account pretty much straight away. When unexpected bills and expenses arise, it’s good to know you have someone like us when things have to be paid in a hurry.

Many of our clients come to us on a one-off basis. They might have been caught short on a single occasion, and thanks to our quick response, they’ve been able to meet their obligations and then get on with their lives with minimal financial problems. On the other hand, we do have clients who need to use our services more than once. Usually, it’s through no fault of their own. They might have had a long run of bad luck with things cropping up out of the blue. Or, their work situation might have changed and their income has been affected as a result. The COVID-19 lockdown was the perfect example, where many of our customers had their working hours reduced – but they still had bills to pay. We were happy to help them out of these tight spots where we could.

For anyone who comes to us frequently, we advise that some financial advice could be as helpful as our practical assistance. Many of the people we work with have little idea of the free advice that is out there, and the financial assistance they might be eligible for. So while we provide a cash loan service in emergencies, we think it’s a great idea for our clients to look further down the track and try and avoid financial hardship in the future.

The best starting point is a call or visit to your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau. They provide lots of valuable and free information regarding financial advice and assistance. They’ll point you in the direction of other agencies who can help out, and they can even give you access to legal services if that’s required.

Please note, Citizens Advice Bureau doesn’t lend money. That’s our job! Contact us and we’ll explain how the process works, and we’ll do our very best to help you out. But to reduce the risk of getting into another financial pickle in the weeks, months and years ahead, we highly recommend you get in touch with Citizens Advice Bureau. Like us, they’re very helpful!